Bobigny (93)

Type : Sports facility
Programme : Construction
Delivery : 2021-2024
Status : In progress
Surface area : 13 100 m2 SHON
Type of mission : Environment
Client: Demathieu & Bard
Project manager: Guluzzi architectes & Roméo Architectes
Cost : 49 M€ HT

Presentation of the project

PRISME, which stands for Pôle de référence inclusif dedicated to the universal practice of sport, will be unique in Europe, both in terms of its size - 13,100 m² of which 8,200 m² is usable space - and in terms of the way it takes into account all types of disability. It will bring together both leisure and high-level practices, as well as an integrated research centre, and will be able to accommodate up to 2,000 users simultaneously.

As a reference centre for inclusive sports facilities, it will be an important part of the Paralympic legacy of the 2024 Games, with a local, national and international impact.

Environmental strategies

> Site analysis and ecological diagnosis,
> RT energy performance - 60% and Bbio - 35
> Zero discharge of rainwater and open-ground infiltration zone,
> Process water treated on site and reused for non-potable purposes,
> Bioclimatic design and passive optimisation of thermal and summer comfort,
> Optimisation of natural light in the second day,
Valorisation of construction waste > 70% > 65% of the plot is green
> 65% of the plot is planted.