Michel Le Sommer
Managing Director, auditor and environmental engineer, HQE auditor and referent, CERWAY referent, BREEAM & BREEAM AP assessor, BBCA referent

Sophie Wetzel
Administrative and human resources manager

Jean-Christophe Aguas
Director of Research and Strategic Planning


39 bvd. Beaumarchais, 75003
T : + 33 (0)1 77 45 36 50


Stefania Barberio
Director of the Paris office
Assessor - BREEAM, LEED, Bâtiment durable francilen & Plastic Free.

Mathilde Besson 
Environmental Research and Innovation Officer - Water Ecocycle

Özlem Greslou
Project manager Thermal engineer, 
renewable energies, Passiv'Hauss referent.

Jean-François Laborde
Environment and energy project manager
Clean site - materials and health,
HQE certifier / HQE sustainable building referent France + International

Angela Chelala
Environment and energy project manager,
comfort and health in buildings
BREEAM Assessor

Mathis Gelot
Project Manager Building Thermal Engineer

Laura Pailhes
Project manager Environmental engineer,
Circolab referent

Driss Yousfi
Project manager, thermal building enginee

Les Forges | Ecosystème Darwin
87, quai de Queyries - 33100
T. : +33 (0)6 70 18 58 73


Pauline Varin
Director of the Bordeaux agency
HQE construction and operation referent,
Cerway - Biodivercity
BREEAM assessor - BREEAM RFO assessor

Olivier Breilh
Environment and energy project manager
bioclimatic and passive design

Clément Vern
Environment and energy researcher - acoustic comfort

Mélissa Philip
Environmental consultant - eco-construction and bio-sourced materials