Ecoquartier Diar el Djenane


Eco-neighborhood (pilot project)

Program Ecoquartier (Pilot Project )
Year : 2013-2014
Area: 15,000 m2 - 100 dwellings per hectare
Mission type : project management environment
Client: Lafarge Algeria
Client: Arte & Charpentier
Performance : Environmental Approach to Planning

Presentation of the project
A project écoquartier intermediate collective dwellings.
The aim of this pilot project is twofold : to find the spatial qualities of the built vernacular in designing patio open as identity element , founder and backbone of housing space and reinventing a new relationship between outdoor spaces and spaces interiors ; reinterpret spatial patterns of the Casbah and Haussmann city prioritizing space by multiplying the threshold between public and privacy of home, reintroducing the social and functional diversity , finding the use of fifth façade and offering spaces "shared " places in the neighborhood and feel

Environmental Strategy
> Revisiting the intermediate concept of collective housing ( functional diversity , density of social relations , hybridization city / type ... ) adapting to climate and cultural context Algerian
> Search constructive efficiency, functional , bioclimatic and energy to ensure the feasibility and sustainability of the project ,
> Contribute to the reduction of urban sprawl by promoting a dense and mixed urban ,
> Improving the quality of use by modularity plans with day / night / loggias and terraces gardened space space
> Promoting a bioclimatic planning ( island of freshness , alternative stormwater management ), natural ventilation, high inertia.