Eco-neighborhood Langevin

Mérignac, France


Type: Housing
Program: Construction
Year: 2014-2017
Status: Ongoing
Area: 19,000 m2 SDP - 238 homes + R 2 - R 3
Mission Type: project work environnentale
Client: Credit Agricole, Accommodation French, EPI
Architect: Philippe Gazeau architect
Cost: € 26,600,000 HT
Performances: Environmental Approach to Planning

Presentation of the project
This eco-neighborhood project is part of the great project of the Urban Community of Bordeaux "50,000 homes." It aims to serve the environmental performance of a new balance open space and natural areas.
Disused school, the site has characteristics that confer future housing a unique identity, whether abandoned buildings, plant heritage and the relationship between full and empty.
Oriented small group, the proposal reads like a semi-urban generator space, open to the promotion of new uses: private and community gardens, roof terraces to connect between buildings, public walks, etc.
The modular construction process allows you to combine the performance of materials among themselves wooden casings and frames, wood working / concrete floors and columns of structures.

Environmental Strategy
> Optimized bioclimatic design,
> Macro-components industry dryer,
> Hangs landscape (ecological continuity and greenway)
> Management of farm water (reuse, summer comfort)
> Choice of materials (recyclable, recycled, high-performance, ACV)
> Commitment to the thermal performance (RT2012) and acoustic.