Eco-cycle of water

> Limiting water consumption through energy-saving systems within the building and the reuse of treated rainwater and grey water,
> Conserve water resources, and loop the use of nutrients and organic matter by separating the different wastewater streams (grey water, yellow water, brown and black water),
> Reduce pollution from runoff water and preserve the receiving environment by acting at the source,
> Contributing to urban heat island mitigation through landscape treatment of stormwater.

Approach> Technical-economic studies and evaluation of different scenarios for decentralized treatment of wastewater and stormwater flows (environmental impacts, carbon footprint, LCA),
> Sizing of stormwater treatment management solutions at the plot level,
> Modelling of the services provided by stormwater treatment at the plot level, 
> Help in setting up demonstrators and innovative solutions,
> Support in terms of compliance and health risks

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