Circular building

> Maximize the life cycle of building materials,
> Reduce the environmental impact of buildings both in terms of construction and maintenance operations,
Increase the life span of buildings (quality and flexibility of the building), 
> Replace demolition with deconstruction.

> Assistance in the preventive design of waste from the design phase (dismountable design, functional decomposition),
> Reversible and flexible design support (change of use, extension, etc.), 
> Preventive approach to climatic risks,
> Deconstruction plan,
> Material passports coupled with BIM (materials and assemblies),
> Assistance in the qualitative management of maintenance and upkeep,
> Provisional care and maintenance plan or maintenance booklet. 
> Building Life Booklet. 
> BIM Interoperability and Record of Subsequent
> Intervention of the Structure (DIUO),
> Overall cost and evaluation of the degree of circularity of the building.