Le Francilien

Niort, France


Type: Offices
Program: Construction
Year: 2008
Status: delivered
Area: 12 122 m² SHON
Mission type : AMO environment
Architects: Jean-Pierre Renaud and Corinne Pacher Architects
Cost: 30 M € HT
Performances: RT 2005

Presentation of the project
MACIF the group wanted to have a positive energy building to building their management center including offices , meeting rooms and a cafeteria.
It is one of the iconic buildings of the Eco- Campus MACIF , by which the contracting authority wishes to express its social and environmental responsibility.

Environmental strategies
> Insulation of the building from the outside
> Zero discharge of storm water to the plot
> Heat pump on the web
> PV membrane and 1500 m2 solar panels for 40% of requirements ECS
> Consumption by RT 2005 about 60kWep / m² / year
> PV membrane 1500 m²
> Solar thermal panels covering 40% of hot water needs .