Rosa Park Secondary School

Villabé, France


Type: Education
Program: Construction
Year: 2003 - 2006
Status: delivered
Area: 6340 sq.m. (teaching) / 590 sq.m. (residential)
Mission type : AMO environment
Client: General Council of Essonne
Project manager: Alain Manoïlesco and Monique Labbe
Cost: 10,8 M € HT
Performance: Approach NF Tertiary Buildings - HQE ®

Presentation of the project
The project follows the natural slope of the terrain.
The composition fits U around a large central courtyard. The main building is parallel to the road Straight . This facade is treated as an audible and visual filter.
Materials: wood , larch, white concrete cast in place .

Environmental strategies
> Energy optimization
> And vegetated roof terrace,
> Condensing gas boiler ,
> Stormwater ,
> Use of wood roofing material ,
> Optimization hygrothermal comfort and visual