Media Library and Municipal Archives

Saint-Ouen, France


Type: Culture
Program: Construction
Year: 2008
Status: delivered
Area: 5,100 sq.m.
Mission type : AMO + MOE environment
Client: City of Saint- Ouen
Project management: Jean-Pierre LOTT Architect
Cost: € 9 M HT
Performance: Approach NF Tertiary Buildings - HQE ®

Presentation of the project
With a total built area of ​​6,000 m², the library of Saint- Ouen, built on a small plot of 4076 m² , situated on four levels and features as well as the municipal early childhood centers , news, literature, documentary archives, auditorium , art, music and cinema.

Environmental strategies
> Energy optimization
> Optimization hygrothermal and visual comfort
> Water-saving equipment ,
> Use a self-cleaning white concrete , thanks to its photocatalytic principle ensures the sustainability of the original appearance of the facades and generates significant savings in terms of maintenance.