Gustave Eiffel Professional Secondary School

Massy, France

Restructuring and extension

Type: Education
Program restructuring and extension
Year: 2005 - 2011
Status: delivered
Area: 5,788 sq.m.
Mission type :  Environment project management
Client: Essonne Development
Project management: Bernard Valero and architects Frederick Gadan
Cost: € 20 M HT
Performances: HQE ® design phase .

Presentation of the project
The inclusion of this new school in this program of urban renewal is based on three major objectives: clear redefinition of functions and built a valuation of outdoor spaces by integrating a strong vegetation and a willingness to act positively on the perception exterior of the new school and its dynamic articulation within the neighborhood .

Environmental strategies
> Heating system heat
> Solar panels to preheat domestic hot water ,
> Rainwater ,
> Green roof .