Bois Habité Housing units

Lille, France


Type: housing
Program: Construction
Year: 2007 - 2012
Status: delivered
Area: 10,670 sq.m.
Mission type: MO environment
Client: Bouwfonds Marignan
Project management: X'TU
Cost: 16 M € HT
Performances: HQE ®

Presentation of the project
This construction project of 110 houses and 2,000 m² of offices in the ZAC Eurallille participates in an architectural synthesis between landscape and urban sequences wood inhabited one hand, and the Boulevard Hoover, on the other hand.

Environmental strategies

> Energy optimization,
> Solar thermal panels,
> Materials with low environmental and health impacts,
> Control of water consumption,
> Retention of stormwater,
> Bicycle storage and sorting.