Comfort, Light, Energy, Atmosphere

collective research project

Based on the observation of too little consideration of " natural light " component in the operations of construction and renovation of the building, including commercial buildings , this collective research project aims to develop and integrate data , methods and tools for the assessment of ambient light indicators at the design phase of architectural projects and urban development .
As part of this project, Le Sommer Environment provides expertise on certification schemes and French and foreign environmental indicators. From his experience feedback , Le Sommer Environment contributes to the production of new indicators whose validity has been previously tested using simulations ( light climate, lighting comfort , natural lighting, etc. . ) and our experience feedback.
The production of these indicators will enable , among other new technologies to bring natural light in the heart of buildings.

This project, approved by the Competitiveness Cluster Advancity meets the following laboratories and companies :

  • Air-Architectures Ingénieries Recherches,
  • De Luminae,
  • LIGM, 
  • Fondaterra
  • Le Laboratoire Eau Environnement et Systèmes Urbains (LEESU),
  • Le Sommer Environnement, 
  • Sun Square.
  • Certivea