Agricultural urbanism LA

Agricultural Urbanism Lab is an association, created in 2011 at the initiative of SOA architecture, Le Sommer Environment and Les Jardins de Gally, specializing in plant and agricultural innovation.
Platform for reflection and exchange, LUA is defined as a structure of collaboration to unite the skills and efforts of its members on innovative projects focused on agricultural urbanism .
Its aim is to devise management strategies at multiple scales (building, neighborhood, city) and to develop a theoretical and operational approach to harmoniously combine city life and short circuits , economic and ecological solutions.
LUA seeks to show that urban strategies that integrate agricultural production systems to local architectural and urban thinking can bring to the city a new quality, both in terms of social cohesion , environmental sustainability , production of amenities than economic nearby.
LUA notably led a feasibility study on the reintroduction of market gardening in the town of Romainville , within a urban renewal , city Marcel Cachin.