Area Vilmorin

Massy (91)

Type: Urban
Program: Ecoquartier
Year: 2010 - 2015
Status: Ongoing
Area: 4 ha.
Type of Mission: MOE Environment
Client: Semmassy
Architect: DLM Architects Planners
Performances: Environmental Approach to Planning, Agenda 21 City of Massy

Presentation of the project
Vilmorin sectors 3, 4 & 5
Located on the grounds of the old nursery Vilmorin close to the RER C station, Vilmorin district was designed to create a residential area mainly focused on the construction of homes and businesses, hosting service activities, and recreation. While supporting the goal of SDRIF densify the city around public transport routes, the guidelines for this new district based on:
> Conducting a viaire frame inscribed in its environment based on the geometry of the place,
> Various public spaces with the completion of two major urban elements (Park and email leading to a new site), new in nature, form and function,
> Progressive épannelage.

Environmental strategies
> Environmental and sustainable Pre-diagnostics,
> Definition of sustainable development profile of the 3 operations
> Writing specifications specific environmental costs to each batch
> Support the choice of construction crews
> Follow-up studies of environmental requirements in phases, work.