Case Study House # 2

Shishi Odoshi House

Shishi Odoshi House is located in a residential neighborhood on the outskirts of Nantes. The Avignon- Clouet agency was tasked to prouce an extension for a family of five people seeking space.
Full height , this extension has provided a stage for each of the three children of the family. The architects have designed a vertical volume based on one third of the original built by aligning the northwest facade. This facade , sheltered by a roof overhang , is powered by a gutter system borrowed from Shishi Odoshi ( Japanese fountain rocking in which rainwater flows ) . For architects, the original system is not only a system of recovery of rainwater , " it is also a way to revisit the aesthetic poor gutters, put the house in relation to the garden and finally this poetic device triggers in the walker a surprise and a childish fantasy . "


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