Saint Denis Saint Ouen sportif pole

Saint Denis Saint Ouen

Type: Sport
Program: Construction
Delivery: 2013-2016
Status: Ongoing project
Area: 2,592 m2 GFA
Mission Type: MOE Environment
Owner: Department of Seine Saint Denis
Architect: Architects Plane and Ilic
Cost: 4 M €

Presentation of the project

The program of the Sports Division includes a gymnasium, outdoor sports field and racetracks, consistent with the type of college program of Seine-Saint-Denis.

Environmental strategies
> The transaction is subject to a comprehensive approach to environmental construction consistent with the objectives of Agenda 21 of the General Council of Seine Saint Denis, with a certification according to the NF repository Fitness Facilities - HQE®
> Bioclimatic design (natural ventilation, reinforced insulation etc.)
> Management of rainfed farm water