Swimming stadium in Lamentin

Martinique (97)

Type: Sport
Program: Construction
Delivery: 2013-2016
Status: Delivered in 2016
Area: 3,430 m2 GFA
Mission Type: MOE Environment
Client: Urban Community Centre in Martinique
Architect: Architects Aruca - IB Consult BET Structure - CETE BET Fluids
Cost: € 9 million HT

Presentation of the project

The project involves the extension of the swimming stadium Lamentin (Martinique). The swimming stadium is built in order to provide the urban area:

- A structural scale equipment of Martinique

- Equipment all age groups centered on the practices of sport and health

- A device widely available to the public throughout the day with a high rate of sharing slots colaires use between the public and swim clubs

- Equipment for the organization of international sports events

- Of a device to accommodate the establishment of the Community soclaires

Environmental strategies

> Operation conducted as part of a high environmental quality approach 

> Bioclimatic design (capacity of thermal insulation, natural ventilation). 

> Recovery of rain water for watering lawns and gardens and beach cleaning 

> Solar and photovaltaïques