Secondary School

Evry (France)

Type: Education
Program: High School
Year: 2004/2011
Status: Delivered
Area: 14,463 m2 GFA
Mission Type: AMO environment
Client: Regional Council of Île-de-France
Architect: Architects Epicuria
Cost: 22.9 million €
Performances: HQE

Presentation of the project
The environment of the school is strongly influenced by the close proximity of large housing "pyramids". The construction of the school lodges therefore had to initiate a general redevelopment of the neighborhood's image. In this context, the architects have chosen a location that promotes exchanges with the environment while maintaining access security required for proper operation of the school. The buildings are developed mainly on two levels, on the periphery of the plot, clearing beautiful spaces for recreation.

Environmental strategies
> Harmonious relationship between buildings and their immediate surroundings
> Site with low pollution
> Visual Comfort
> Energy Management
> Maintenance Management and maintenance
> Humidity comfort
> Acoustic Comfort