Office block

Bordeaux (33)

Type: Office
Program: Renovation
Delivery: 2016
Area: 7,935 m2 GFA
Mission Type: MOE environment
Client: County Council of Gironde
Project Manager: Loisier Architecture & Polyrythmic Architects
Cost: 12.8 M€

Presentation of the project
This building is part of a set of three towers completed in 1982 on the Mériadeck area in Bordeaux.
The architectural agency Loisier, in association with Polyrythmic Architecture, were responsible for the rehabilitation of the tower. The project plans to fill in the empty spaces left in the cross plan of the existing building.
The architectural intention is to create a workplace soothing and intimate but open on the city and carrying a dynamic image and high environmental quality.

Environmental Strategy
> Natural ventilation and dual flow
> Performance of the envelope (double skin solar shading)
> Optimization of daylighting,
> Comfort working environments,
> Integrated choice of products and construction methods for efficient resource management,
> Construction with very low impact.