Tremblay en France

Type: Hotel 
Program: Construction 
Year: 2015 
Status: ongoing 
Area: 26,700 m2 GFA 
Mission Type: AMO environment 
Client: ACCOR 
Project management: ARTE Charpentier Architects 
Performances: HQE certification 

Presentation of the project 
The hotel project is in architectural harmony with existing buildings in an urban continuity and marks the transition to a renewed adequacy writing with the requirements of sustainable development for today and the future development of the area and in particular the development airport North. 
Between the hotel makes a friendly court partially protected by glass petal flowers, real catalyst of urban life extension refreshments, as an exchange or transit. The ground floor are animated. Activities implemented allow to generate commercial appeal, reception and restaurant are largely glazed and overlook the outside. The generous height of the ground floor opens to the public space and will satisfy both the requirement of the landlord, but the City and users. 
Despite its low linear and its fragmented front of the Duomo facade, the hotel business creates a strong visual impact making this book a door and a true urban city entrance. 

Environmental strategies 
> Construction with very low impact, 
> Low Consumption Building, 
> Hydroéconomes Supplies 
> Food Quality and comfort atmosphere.