French Embassy

Libreville, Gabon

Type: Office building - Public building
Program: Construction
Year: 2015 - 2018
Status : Ongoing studies
Area: 2 844 M2 SHON
Mission type: MOE environment and sustainable development
Client: Ministry of foreign affairs
Supervisor: Fabienne BULLE Architect
Performances : HQE International Cerway

Project presentation

The new French embassy in Gabon claims an iconic image, an image that pointed out its function as well as its duty of fair representation. An evocative image of the local emerging economy of a primary forest searching for sustainable expoitation of forestry resources, a landmark project for economic and ecologic development of the Gabon.
A popular image that can be adopted by both culture, french and gabonese. The lanscaping design highlights the tree patrimony of the estuary.

Environmental strategies

> Alternativ watter management
> Bioclimatic design and high thermic inertia due to the use of concrete
> Dual flow ventilation and solar gain control by using mobile solar protections,
> Technoogical et technical sobriety and low carbonn foot-print,
> Landscaping design to provide freshness in and around the building
> Low environmental impact building.