Villeurbanne (69)

Typology : Office building
Programme: Competition
Year: 2018
Surface area: 6,500 m2 SDP
Type of assignment: Project management environment
Client: DCB Capital
Prime contractor: Jean Bocabeille architect + Fassio Viaud Architectes

Performance: BREEAM Very Goof Level + tertiary repository Grand Lyon Offices.

Presentation of the project

Le Carré de Bois  is a wood office project based on a militant desire to highlight the advantage of retaining wood construction for an office program: 

>  Low carbon balance and grey energy,
> Low impact construction site (dry sector),
> Comfort and interior ambiences,
> Support for the regional sector and the Alpine timber industry.

The constructive principles are simple, rational and within the reach of many companies in the Lyon region. This "Less is more" approach guarantees efficient construction. It is a very simple post, beam, wooden slab. The architecture of the building is dictated by this material.
It is revealed on the outside in a measured way on the glass gables to limit maintenance. Inside the presence of wood is omnipresent.

Environmental strategy

> Low carbon project and construction ecology,
> Energy sobriety and bioclimatic design(Cepmax - 20% and Bbiomax - 20%),
> Very low impact construction site and reduction of site waste as soon as possible.
> Visual, acoustic and hygrothermal comfort,
Indoor and ambient air quality,
> Creating pleasant and safe places to live,
> Vegetation of outdoor spaces and reduction of heat island urban by the passive bioclimatic but also by the use of materials phase change,
> Optimization of life cycle costs (modularity, space flexibility, etc.)