Academic field

Pessac (33)

Typology: Education
Program: Design, implementation, operation, maintenance
Year: 2018 - 2021
Status: in progress
Area: 12,620 m2 SDP
Type of mission: AMO environment,
Contracting authority: SRIA University of Bordeaux
Agent: Eiffage Construction
Project management: Patriarch of Architecture
Performance: HQE Sustainable Building

Presentation of the project
This project corresponds to the second phase of Operation Campus of the University of Bordeaux and concerns the rehabilitation of the buildings of the University of Bordeaux Montaigne, those of the College of Law, Political Science, Economics and Management (DSPEG) and the University Library.
Built from 1965 to 1967 by the architects Sainsaulieu, Daurel and Tagini, this complex, characteristic of the rationalist architecture of the time, now needs to be reinvented in terms of use, comfort and quality of reception, organisation of spaces and functions, image, adaptation to new technical and regulatory standards and, of course, energy and thermal performance.

Environmental strategies
> User comfort and health oriented approach,
> Bioclimatic optimization (adjustable interior blinds),
> Optimisation of natural light input by zenithal illumination,
> Control and reduction of energy needs,
> High-performance sashes with adjustable sun protection,
> Adaptation to climate change,
> Alternative Stormwater Management
> Ecodesign and LCA analysis