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Bioregion and public space

Two works for this new literary season, both of which are presented as a teaching manual, the first one coordinated by Ludovic Duhem and Richard Pereira de Moura, "Design des territoires, l'enseignement des territoires" and the second one, written by Chantal Deckmyn, "Lire la ville, manuel pour une hospitalité de l'espace public" (Reading the city, a manual for public hospitality).

Territorial Design, the teaching of the Bioregion has a double objective: to present what the "bioregion" teaches us and to make its teaching possible through design. Resulting from a multi-year research programme, this collective work consolidates the commitment to eco-social design in articulation with bioregionalist thinking (Alberto Magnaghi). Still little known in France, the latter is nevertheless disseminated throughout the world and has inspired researchers, creators and activists to teach us how to re-establish the link to place and find alternatives to galloping urbanisation.


Reading the city, a manual for hospitality in public spaces

Chantal Deckmyn is an architect by training and a socio-anthropologist. This book is the result of a reflection and a practice of public space at the crossroads of social and urban issues, carried out for more than 40 years within the urban workshop Lire la Ville.