The Belvédère at The UNESCO

Water, megacities and global changes

In order to evaluate the ecological and climatic benefits of separate and decentralized wastewater management, the new Belvedere district in Bordeaux was used as a case study in the Muses(1) and ANR DESIGN(2) projects.

Video conference presentation of the results of the study by Mathilde Besson on Friday, December 11, during the pre-conference "Water, megacities and global change" organized by UNESCO from December 7 to 11.

Before a face-to-face version in the UNESCO premises in Paris in December 2021, it is possible to follow the entire conference in film mode.

For more information, please visit the DESIGN research project website.

(1) MUSES for Urban Modeling of Effluent Separation at Source,
(2) DESIGN for Development and evaluation of innovative urban scenarios for separative effluent management