Post-concret project

Circular economy

Build alternatives to cement concrete floor screed using local resources (construction site and/or recycling platform).

On the one hand, the disproportionate use of concrete in the world, on the other hand, the 30 million tons of waste per year from construction and public works in the Paris Region. Faced with these observations, the team led by the architecture firm Cigüe proposes to mobilize these urban deposits as potential materials for the development of alternatives to cement screed.

In the context of the project to build a workshop-agency in Montreuil, with the design of a new wood-frame building and the partial demolition of existing buildings, they are conducting experiments with floor slabs using materials from the site - excavated inert earth, crushed concrete rubble, crushed bricks and reuse plaster. Earth, an abundant material, and plaster, which can be recycled ad infinitum, are used as less energy-intensive binders than cement.

Sommer Environnement has produced a comparative life cycle analysis of the different hypotheses tested by Cigüe.

> Ref. version: concrete screed.
> Version 1: gypsum screed + recycled aggregate
> Version 2: recycled gypsum screed + recycled aggregate
> Version 3: plaster screed + excavated earth
> Version 4: gypsum screed + recycled wood chips

More information : the project in text and images