Evry-Couronnes (91)

environmental project management assistance

Typology: School facilities & public spaces
Program: renovation and construction
Year: 2020 - end of 2024
Status: in progress
Surface area:  
10 school groups + 10 gymnasiumsMission type: AMO environment,
Client: City of Evry-Courcouronnes
Project management assistance: Pr'optim
Performances: HQE® approach in programming and construction phase

Presentation of the project

Since 2006, the City of Evry-Courcounnes has undertaken a comprehensive urban renewal project to improve the daily life of its inhabitants by providing them with a more pleasant living environment and by giving a facelift to municipal facilities.

To support the restructuring of its school facilities, the City of Evry-Couronnes has set up a project management assistance team. This project management assistance covers the renovation and construction of some fifteen school groups and gymnasiums and the restructuring or creation of related public spaces.

Environmental strategies

> Site analysis and environmental assessment (biodiversity, green and blue network, water, energy, climatic conditions, etc.),
> Environmental and sustainable development specifications booklet + lot sheets,
> Multi-criteria analysis of the environmental, health and economic impacts of each operation (LCA + carbon footprint),
> LCA + carbon footprint,
> Reuse
> Support during the design and construction phases,
> Environmental labels and certifications applied to buildings and the development of outdoor spaces.