Les Groues | îlot FO-CD

Nanterre (92)

Type: Commercial + Residential
Program: Construction
Year: 2021 - 2024
Status: in progress
Surface area: 29 144 m2
Type of mission: Environmental engineering
Client: Penhard & Briqueville Group
Project managers : Laisné Architects, AQMA, A26 + MBE Atelier, MUGO (landscape architects)
Performance: RT2012 - 20%.

Presentation of the project

This project is part of the urban redevelopment of Les Groues, an area of former railway wasteland located in the immediate vicinity of the Grande Arche de la Défense, which will be served by the RER E in 2023 and by line 15 of the Grand Paris Express by 2030.
The programme proposed by the Panhard et Bricqueville Group reflects the ambition to deliver a new mixed-use district, in particular by bringing together, within the same complex, almost 140 housing units, a higher education school, offices, commercial premises and green spaces.
The project comprises 3 buildings distributed around a large green core area irrigated by soft traffic routes:
> A 16-storey residential building, Hélios, comprising 94 flats, all of which will have outdoor space in the form of balconies or terraces (Nicolas Laisné architects),
> An 8-storey building comprising 2,700 m2 of offices and 43 social and intermediate housing units on the upper floors (AQMA architects),
> A higher education school spread over 8 floors (A26 + MBE Atelier).

Environmental strategy

> BREEAM certification for the offices and NF Habitat HQE for the housing,
> Bbio max - 30% / Cep max - 20%,
> Passive optimisation of summer thermal comfort,
> Analysis of the carbon footprint of the buildings,
> Optimisation of the visual comfort of the dwellings via lighting studies,
> Analysis of energy consumption needs,
> Maximisation of bio-sourced materials for the finishing work (joinery, insulation, floor coverings, façade cladding, etc.),
> Strengthened ecological links (wildlife shelters, landscaping project supporting biodiversity),
> Rainwater recovery tank (20m3) for watering and exterior cleaning, 
> Open-air landscape management of rainwater + recovery for watering and exterior cleaning,
>Recovery of construction waste > 75%.