Building Orion

Paris (75)

Refurbishment of a Jean Prouvé building

Typology : Tertiary
Program : Rehabilitation
Year : 2021 - 2024
Status : In progress
Total floor area: 2 400 m2
Amount : 5,5 M€ HT
Type of mission : AMO environment,
Client: SEM PariSeine
Project managers: &GIVRY 
Performance: HQE BD Excellent, BBCA Rénovation Niveau Excellent, BBC Effinergie Rénovation

Presentation of the project
Emblematic of the modernist architecture of the 1970s and co-designed by Jean Prouvé, the Orion building will undergo an ambitious low-carbon renovation. The challenge is to combine environmental compliance with a return to the original form, its clarity and its constructive originality.
The programme includes thermal reinforcement of the envelope, selective deconstruction, conservation and reuse of remarkable elements, optimisation of natural light, use of bio-sourced materials, regulation of summer comfort thanks in particular to the services provided by nature (central patio and green roof), and connection to the City of Paris' heating network.

Environmental strategies

> Reuse diagnosis and prior selective deconstruction,
> Collaborative removal campaign,
> Low-carbon, biosourced and geosourced materials,  
> Low carbon impact over the life cycle of the building,
Low carbon impact on the life cycle of the building, > High performance envelope (high insulation thickness, high performance glazing, low air permeability),
> Indoor air quality (A+ materials)
> High hygrothermal, acoustic and visual comfort,
> Green grid, local and diversified biodiversity, bird nesting boxes,
> Green roof
> Mobility plan oriented towards soft mobility (bicycles)
>  Increased universal accessibility