Blue planet

World Water Day 2023

The risk of a global freshwater crisis is "imminent", warns the United Nations (UN), in its introduction to the Water Conference which opens today in New York.

Fifty years ago, in 1974, during the presidential campaign, René Dumont was already sounding the alarm by taking up the conclusions of the Club of Rome experts in the report "The Limits to Growth".

More modestly and stubbornly, on the scale of the projects in which we participate, both at the building and urban development level, we seek to integrate solutions that allow us to act on consumption, contribute to the infiltration of rainwater, and facilitate the reuse of grey water as service water.

At the same time, we participate in collective research programmes on decentralised sanitation and the reduction of nitrogen and phosphorus loads at the end of the treatment plant. Convinced that the only possible approach to the current challenges is to move forward collectively, we are involved in networks associating researchers, design offices and industrialists specialising in the water sector. For us, it is not a question of engaging in circumstantial collaboration, but of thinking, working and acting together in the face of complex situations that require the commitment of everyone.