Terra Metha


Une première mondiale

The Bordeaux-based company Biobeebox, with whom we are working on the recovery of household bio-waste as part of eco-neighbourhood projects in Bordeaux Metropole, has just inaugurated the first urban bio-micromethaniser in the centre of Marseille. Called Terra Metha, this urban micro-methaniser. Installed on the roof of the Terrasses shopping centre, it will convert the bio-waste produced on site into energy and agricultural compost. 

In total, this local recovery system will process 500 tonnes of bio-waste a year, converting it into thermal energy (300 MWh/year) and electricity (80 Mgh/year). The electrical energy will be used to power the shopping centre's electric lighting and the district's bicycle recharging stations. Demineralised water from bio-waste (300 m3/year) and compost (14 t/year) will be used for the rooftop agricultural garden project.

In terms of carbon impact, more than 80 tonnes of transport CO2 per year will be avoided.