Eysines (33)


Type : Town planning
Programme : Urban and landscape project management
Year : 2023 - 2031
Status : In progress
Surface area: 17.4 ha
Amount :  NC EXCL. TAX
Type of project : Environmental engineering
Client : La Fabrique Bordeaux Métropole
Project managers: AGENCE Masterplan
Scope : Circular and low-carbon urban planning 

Presentation of the project
The Carès Cantinolle site is located to the north of the commune of Eysines, in an area crossed by a network of busy urban infrastructures: the Avenue du Médoc, the Route de Lacanau and the Bordeaux-Lacanau cycle path. 
The area borders the communes of Le Haillan and Le Taillan-Médoc. The project is linked to the arrival of tramway line D.
The project is based on three major landscape features: Parc des Jalles, Les Sources and the Carès natural area. 
Over and above their remarkable identities, their vastness and their atypical characteristics, it is their nature as invariants, as constants in the landscape, that imposes itself on the urban strategy.
700 homes / 1,000 m2 of business and retail space / public facilities 

Environmental strategies
> Green fabric, local biodiversity,
> Bioclimatic and frugal design,
> Landscape management of rainwater,
> Strategy to reduce drinking water consumption,
> Outdoor climatic environments, UHI, aeraulic studies, etc.
> Low-carbon, biosourced and geosourced materials, 
> Energy and thermal performance, 
> Low carbon impact over the life cycle of the development,
> Mobility plan focusing on soft mobility (bicycles).